Naohmi Monroe

Feature: Christine Mai Nguyen

photos and words by Naohmi Monroe

Meet Christine Mai Nguyen, also known as @chriiissstttine. Most know her through her charming vlogs, reviews, and tours on YouTube, where she always presents her environment and thoughts so truthfully, natural, and sweet. She is a creative documentarian of homes, avid connoisseur of skincare and beauty lines, and full-time endorser of a functional and chic wardrobe.  Predominantly though, she’s a gal that’s deeply interested in the back stories of friends, makers, and creators in her local neighborhoods and knows how to effortlessly keep it casual. 

Christine’s fondness for film and storytelling took bloom when she first started to document conversations with friends ten years ago. It’s an idea that has transpired into her series titled A Brief Conversation, which is now her longest ongoing project. In these videos, Christine and a guest share an honest conversation about life decisions, adulthood, and personal growth. While these topics require vulnerability and openness, Christine is able to create genuine dialogues with humor and ease. The initiative to acknowledge and document others and their stories also manifests through her newer series of home and apartment tours. Here we get a glimpse into the lives of many Angelenos and their curated, self-expressed spaces. Christine confesses this series is motivated by a love for snooping— and let’s face it, that’s why we love them too— but she also notes that these tours serve as documentations of a moment in time. She says, “Things change so quickly for everyone . . . People move, couples split up, dogs chew up old couches; things are constantly changing and I want my friends to remember how things were”.  

The desire to connect, examine, and document is so rich in Christine’s content and has recently become more so in her personal life. Recently she took a brave leap and quit her day job to pursue more challenging and creative passions, and essentially live more fully. Christine explains, “A friend passed away a couple months ago and that really shook me up. Up to that point, I was more interested in making and saving money rather than going out and doing things that add value to my life.” Understandably so, this happens to the lot of us. We set out to battle our debts, save for dream homes, and in result scoot our ambitions to the side. It’s all about balancing the two through time. As Christine advises “save money while you can and let loose when you're ready”.  

Currently, Christine is venturing into interests such as analog photography and the technical aspects of YouTube. An exploration of new mediums and styles allows her to evolve with social media and keep her content thriving. You can expect documentations of these new hobbies in future YouTube videos, along with more insightful conversations, home tours, and skincare + beauty reviews. In asking Christine why she keeps beauty in the mix, she humorously admits, “In short, my hair is rapidly going grey.  I'm not into dying it cause I think every white hair is earned so I figured now is my chance to take care of my face---young face/old hair is a rad combo IMO.” 

As we continue to watch Christine grow, we should remember the motto that started it all “save a life---adopt a plant, #plantparenthood” which featured in her personal home tour two years ago. Like the plants thriving throughout her evolving space, Christine’s original and thoughtful content creates a refreshing energy in the room and gives our feed a breath of fresh air.

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