Naohmi Monroe

Feature: TRACE

You know that feeling when you listen to a song for the first time and it just hits home? It’s that moment when an artist sings the words right out of your head and the melodies effortlessly tug at your heartstrings. It feels like fate— so you immediately like, share, and put it on repeat for 24 hours. There is such fulfillment in discovering an artist who just gets you. 

We get that way with mellow electronic pop artist TRACE. Since her debut track “Heavy Shoulders”,  released 2016 under the EP Low, we have been humming along and feeling our woes. TRACE will lull you into song with minimal beats and hit you with heavy lyrics that leave you thinking damn, me too. In TRACE’s latest single “Oh My My”, she immediately avows to her eminent heaviness in the opening lyrics “Believe it or not, I’m going to get worse than this.” TRACE transforms weighty emotions into soothing electronic melodies through a genuine regime of being “very communicative, transparent and honest.” This attitude of complete openness in the songwriting process allows TRACE to “understand the things that keep [her] up at night.” She shares, “A combination of others and myself simply inspire me to make them. And when someone tells me they relate to something I’ve written, I feel like I re-remember why I do what I do— and that alone is the root of all things that inspire me to continue.”

While TRACE is our romanticized sad girl, she encourages all to “Write everything. Share your insides with people you trust. And often. And truly, express it, however you see fit— whether it’s painting, cooking, going on a run. Fuel the sadness through something that you know for sure, gives you life.” Emotions deserve to be processed, felt, and acknowledged wholly. And while your feelings may be heavy and your head and heart can slip away from the light, remember that when it comes to love— whether it be self love, intimate love, or objective love— “you need it and you should give it. And it’s one of the most fragile AND strongest things on earth.” Emotional experience is what makes us human and nurturing such is fruitful to who we are and what we create.  

In the coming year, TRACE plans to release new music and tour in the summer/fall season. You’ll be glad “creating and writing music is definitely a lifer pursuit” for her and she’s filled with excitement for what’s to come.

So, if you haven’t listened to her latest single “Oh My My” yet, find it on Spotify, clear your mind and envision this: “It’s golden hour, you definitely have a coat on because it’s perfectly cold (and you’re with someone you want to love or you’re by yourself), and you’re on a walk. Your legs are tired but not as tired as your mind. You have no idea where you’re going but you keep walking, surrounded by strangers walking by and ahead of you. AKA ideally you’re in Paris in November…”. Press play and dive into TRACE’s energizing heartfelt truths.

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