Naohmi Monroe

Feature: Nikia Phoenix

To model, creator, and influencer NIKIA PHOENIX, “the word dream means imagination, it means hope, it means a never-ending story”. This gal is the ultimate dreamer when it comes to unity, self-love, and womanhood— as we all should be. She dreams of bright futures for us all, and the amazing thing is, she is devoted to making them happen too. With a heart full of positive intentions, Nikia strives to inspire and encourage. “I want people to know it’s all attainable. You don’t have to be of a certain social status or background. You can be you and thrive.”

Since her long time blog, Model Liberation, Nikia has remained passionate in educating her followers of truths about the fashion, health, and beauty industry, the importance of self-care, and her love for all things beautiful. In October 2016 she officially kicked off Black Girl Beautiful, an online platform which celebrates womanhood and melanin through curated events that offer the best in beauty and self-care. “I want Black women to know that we are valuable, we are love, and we deserve our own love too. I hope to educate this amazing demographic with brands that genuinely create products specifically for them. It’s about flexing our buying power and investing in ourselves.” Since the launch, Black Girl Beautiful has become a resource for the black girl community for inspiration, affirmation, and open conversations in anything from beauty to politics. 

Nikia’s latest work of love launched in February 2017 as The Nikia Phoenix Podcast, a podcast dedicated “to each one teach one.” It opens up conversations of creativity, passion, and inner strength, and provides ultimate realness across all spectrums. Nikia implies, “I think it’s important to hear from people who have been in similar positions as you and have come out on top. We need encouraging stories. We need to connect with others beyond the facade of social media.” The Nikia Phoenix Podcast fuels listeners with stories positive experiences and enlightens on how to deal with the negative ones. It allows listeners to connect with their favorite influencers and creators in a deeper context, one that grounds truth in what it means to be a creative in the industry.  

While she spreads love to others so extensively, self love and inner strength have not always been an easy thing for Nikia. In early years through now, bouts of anxiety and insecurity have stressed her abilities to achieve a consistent sense of self-love. We’ve all been there time and again, while scrolling through Instagram, flipping through magazines, or during social gatherings. We burden ourselves with comparisons and negative thoughts which hinder our capacity for self love and self confidence. While it can be a tough mentality to steer Nikia reminds us, “The journey of self love is never-ending, but when you love yourself you can recognize the beauty in humanity.” Whether it be through affirmations or intentional journaling, we should all remember to practice regular self-love as it enables the dreamers in us and puts everything into reach. As additional words of empowerment Nikia affirms to all women, “You have the power to give life, literally. No man-made force can stop you. Girl! You better do the damn thing.”

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